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Ikea’s upcoming collection wants to help you spring clean in style

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The Borstad line emphasizes natural materials

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Cleaning and organizing supplies in a cluster Ikea

It’s not enough for a broom to be just a broom anymore. Today, even the most quotidian of objects can be an aesthetic statement—if you want them to be. Take, for example, Ikea’s upcoming line of cleaning and organizational products that lean into rustic style.

The Borstad collection spans a range of tidying products, from metal dust pans to canvas hanging organizers to rattan carpet beaters. There’s a metal wash basin that feels straight out of the 19th century, and a plastic water bottle that looks like it could be made from vintage green glass. All of the items have a similar old time-y feel that evokes a “you could find this in your grandma’s basement” kind of charm.

Stylistic musings aside, many of the items in the collection are handy. We’re eyeing the versatile rattan laundry basket and a canvas shoe bag for travel. There’s also an old-school broom made from palm leaves in case you’re looking to trade out the synthetic number you picked up at CVS for something a little more natural. In fact, the whole collection embraces natural materials, like hardwood, cedar, metal, rattan and canvas.

The Borstad collection will be available starting in February.

Kid playing with water in metal basin. Ikea