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Sunny apartment basks in head-to-toe yellow

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Monochrome done right

Bright apartment with large windows and yellow surfaces. José Hevia

Yellow can be bright like a ray of sunshine or subdued like a shaft of wheat. The interiors of this Barcelona duplex designed by local studio Arquitectura-G fall somewhere in the middle with a pale yellow that almost shimmers like gold.

The designers swathed the 500-square-foot apartment in a monochromatic yellow shade that covers walls, tiles, furniture, and even carpet. It’s not exactly subtle, but it sure is pretty. In the kitchen, for example, textured layers stand out: yellow tile lives next to yellow grated shelving, while the drawers are painted the same hue, contrasted only by metallic countertop and a few planes of white.

Those materials are echoed throughout the home—a stairway connecting the two floors is made from yellow grating, as is the overhead covering for the outdoor patio.

“We decided to use materials with a light color to reinforce the light reflection in some areas and to reverse the lack of natural light,” the designers explain.

When the color is deployed next to light wood floors, even those take on a subtly yellow hue. Normally, we’d wonder if there’s a limit to how much yellow any one apartment can bear, but you know what? In this case, it’s just about right.

Kitchen with yellow tile and drawers and metal sink and counters. José Hevia
Living room with yellow couch next to yellow wall. José Hevia
Staircase painted in yellow with grates and curved staircase. José Hevia
Curved yellow wall next to yellow carpet. José Hevia