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Modern house in the forest welcomes darkness

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It’s a mood, as they say

Home clad in windows and dark zinc siding. Marc Goodwin

This home from Helsinki’s Studio Puisto is peak Finnish style. Equal parts cozy and modern, the Three Square House in the Southern Savonia region is named after its layout, which consists of three conjoined square volumes arranged into an irregular ranch of sorts.

The exterior is clad in dark oiled wood and zinc siding as well as plenty of large windows. The large, central square is home to the main living areas, while the two side volumes contain a garage, storage, and naturally, a sauna.

Living room with concrete floors and modern furniture. Marc Goodwin

The sleek, concrete-floored living room is separated from the bedrooms and bathrooms by a wall of dark wood cabinets used for storage and a wet bar. Around the corner, the built-in wall also includes a recessed daybed that steals prime views from the panoramic windows. The interplay of abundant natural light and darker interior finishes creates a mysterious, intimate atmosphere.

”The design of the building’s spaces is not afraid of darkness but has turned it into a strength,” Studio Puisto told Dezeen. “The building has places with a huge amount of light and places where you can curl up into the shadows, always according to the situation and mood.”

Living room with recessed daybed. Marc Goodwin
Wooden deck with built-in tub. Marc Goodwin
Aerial shot of modern house in forest. Marc Goodwin