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A brick house is in the shadows surrounded by a bunch of trees. A text is overlaid on the photo that reads, “Tell us your homebuying story.” Heidi’s Bridge

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Curbed wants to hear your homebuying story

We’re seeking recent, first-time homebuyers across the country

Buying a home today can feel impossible. We’ve wondered how first-time buyers are doing it in today’s world of crushing student loan debt, high real estate prices, and wages that aren’t going up along with them. Now, we’re also wondering how buyers are faring amid COVID-19—are you stopping, pausing, or changing your home search? We’d like to know.

That’s why we’re asking for your story. We want to know how you saved for your down payment, how you financed the rest, how you found your dream home (or the one that you could afford right now), and what you plan to do with it. Note: We’re looking for stories from folks who’ve bought homes in the last five years. Right now, we’re particularly interested in hearing from buyers whose home searches have changed because of COVID-19.

You can share your story here:

We know this stuff is personal, so we’re not asking you to bare it all on the internet. We’ll turn your submissions into an ongoing series that will be published anonymously on Curbed. Our hope is that sharing these stories will demystify how millennials made the leap to homeownership and promote honest conversation about the homebuying process.

If you’re a professional writer with a homebuying story you’d like to report, pitch us!

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