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Muji’s new prefab home supports aging in place

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The Yō no Ie House is designed for aging in place

Single-story timber prefab home on grassy lawn. Muji

Muji’s latest prefab house is exceedingly simple. Single story and built from pale wood, the Yō no Ie House (translated to “Plain House”) embodies the company’s anti-brand aesthetic.

The Yō no Ie House is the fourth in Muji’s growing roster of prefab homes, but this one is designed with an aging population in mind. “The house is unique in its ability to accommodate a wide range of generations and provide more choices for places to live,” the company says.

Living room with pale wood floors and wood and white fabric furniture. Muji

Unlike Muji’s previous home designs, the Yō no Ie House has a single floor that stretches into an open 800-square-foot, one-bedroom layout. A trio of full-height doors open onto a 200-square-foot deck, where a sunken area can be used for a cozy conversation pit or garden.

As expected, everything about the Yō no Ie House is muted. Pale wood floors and white walls create a soothing atmosphere. It’s just the type of house that would be perfect for new, discerning home owners on a budget. Unfortunately, the Yō no Ie House is only available in Japan for now, selling for $160,000. Still eager to live the Muji life? There’s always the Muji hotel.

White fabric and wood seating in living room with built-in shelves. Muji
A single-story house has three openings to a deck with recessed seating area. Muji