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Remodeled Airstream is so cool we’d live in it full time

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The whimsical travel trailer marries vintage kitsch with colorful design

An interior view of a renovated Airstream travel trailer  has a teal blue bench seat, yellow table, and colorful print window coverings. Photos courtesy of Timeless Travel Trailers

Here at Curbed, we enjoy ogling an array of design-savvy homes, from a midcentury modern stunner to an idyllic Catskill Mountains getaway. Our favorites are the ones that surprise, either from a pop of color, a graphic wall, or a well-done renovation.

The most surprising home to cross our desk recently is actually a home-on-the-go: a 33-foot Airstream renovated by Colorado-based Timeless Travel Trailers. We’ve reported on Timeless Travel Trailers in the past (just look at this midcentury Airstream), and what we like the most about its renovations is how the projects depart from the boring, cookie-cutter designs you often see in RVs.

Starting with a new 2018 Airstream shell, this design’s floorplan features a dinette and kitchen area on one side of the trailer and a cheery yellow bedroom on the opposite side. In the middle of the trailer, you’ll find a stainless steel shower, a toilet and sink room, and two raised bunk beds for children.

An exterior view of a silver Airstream travel trailer that has an awning out and an orange dining set in front.
This 33-foot Airstream was renovated by Colorado-based Timeless Travel Trailers with design by Alison Kandler.

It’s a standard layout, but interior designer Alison Kandler took things up a notch by decking out the interior with bright colors and bold patterns.

According to Kandler, the Airstream owners wanted the space to be “feminine, fun, colorful, and full of whimsy,” and the design accomplishes this by paying homage to all things “trailer kitsch.” The bright orange counters and yellow dining room table are made from Formica, floral curtains are reminiscent of a 1960s cafe, and vintage hardware adorn the kitchen and bathrooms. She also added overlay cabinet doors, plastic pink TV trays, 1970s pompoms, a vintage-style Smeg refrigerator, and a pink flamingo pillow because, as Kandler puts it, “every trailer should have one.”

Working with the curved walls of the Airstream proved tricky, so the designer opted to use patterns—like the pink and orange flooring—on flat surfaces whenever possible. And despite the plethora of color (check out that bathroom!), the design still feels fresh and soothing thanks to white walls in the main room and white bedding in the bunk rooms and master.

It’s a cohesive, fun take on what an Airstream can look like, and the space also packed with amenities, including a drop-down ceiling TV in the master, a Ring video doorbell, back-up cameras, color-changing LED lights in the bunk beds, and privacy window tinting at the push of a button. Check it all out in the photos, below.

The hallway of the travel trailer has bright coral geometric flooring, white walls, a silver-backed kitchen, and a bright orange piece of artwork.
A hallway featuring bright, geometric flooring leads to a cheery yellow bedroom.
The bedroom of the travel trailer features a white bed with red floral pillow, yellow ceilings, and a panoramic window that shows the mountains outside.
Bold yellow walls and floral prints are balanced by crisp white linens.
The bunk bed area of the trailer has a white bed with mermaid pillow on it for kids.
Custom wallpaper adds a bit of whimsy in the bedroom.
A closer up view of the bunk bed shows a white comforter, light teal walls, and a gingham pillow.
Despite the plethora of color, the trailer still feels fresh and soothing thanks to white bedding.
The bathroom features small coral tiles, a white cabinet, and bright orange countertops.
The shower area has aluminum walls, a square porthole window, and a wooden seat and flooring.
A view of the dinette area with a white kitchen cabinets and orange countertops.
The kitchen uses white cabinets and orange countertops, while the dinette features a dining room table that transforms into a coffee table.