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Modern prefab row houses embrace solar power

The roofs are angled to capture the maximum amount of sunlight

Row of white houses with peaked roofs. Mattias Hamrén

Custom-designed with the environment in front, these prefab row houses in Örebro, Sweden, feature angled roofs that slant downwards to capture maximum sunlight on rooftop solar panels.

The sleek modern homes were constructed offsite as six separate modules that include walls, bathrooms, and kitchen; facades were added once the modules were transported on site.

Homes with alternating facades Mattias Hamrén

In a clever move to create replicability without visual homogeny, Street Monkey Architects clad the east-west facing facades in white plaster and the north-south facades in steel or steel with a wooden lattice overlay.

That same subtle customization is found on the roofs, which are designed to capture as much sunlight as possible. All of the solar panels are designed to face south, which meant the corner lot orientation of the row houses required two different designs. Homes facing north-south have asymmetrical, mirrored roofs, while east-west facing homes have a sawtooth pattern.

These design choices together inject some personality into what could have otherwise been a row of exceedingly cookie cutter abodes.

Angled roof with solar panels. Mattias Hamrén
A grassy plot and row houses in the back. Mattias Hamrén