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Modern loft-style apartments built atop a dentist’s office

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Where skylights do wonders

Modern building with mesh screen. Adrien Williams

This sleek, metal-clad building in Montreal is business on the bottom and dreamy loft-style living on the top. Paul Bernier Architecte expanded a street-level dental care practice—of all things!—by adding two floors above for a duo of apartments.

To make a distinction between the business and upper-level residences, the architects sheathed the front apartment windows in a perforated mesh screen. This striking facade made of aluminum panels obscures the interiors from the busy street traffic and casts a cool, dotted shadow pattern into the rooms. Lest you’re worried about natural lighting, the apartments feature huge skylights inside, plus expansive floor-to-ceiling windows toward the rear.

Both of the two-bedroom apartments embrace a modern aesthetic with gray walls, exposed infrastructure, black ceilings, and concrete floors. Out back, terraces and a green roof atop the garage add a necessary dose of nature to the industrial-chic setup.

Open plan apartment with industrial interiors, Adrien Williams
Row of skylights in living room. Adrien Williams
Perforated screen in the bedroom. Adrien Williams
Interior room with skylights and concrete floors. Adrien Williams
Living room with contemporary furniture. Adrien Williams
Rear view of a white building with a second level terrace that contains greenery. Adrien Williams