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Compact indoor-outdoor house comes swathed in neutrals

It hits all the right angles

Timber and metal house with angled roof and wooden porch. Tom Blachford

The Silhouette Hytte House in Ellwood, Australia, is tucked into a narrow plot surrounded by trees, its compact footprint overshadowed by dashing style. Clad in black metal and a shiplap timber that’s also used on the interior, the home is streamlined and modern without feeling the slightest bit cold.

The roughly 1,200-square-foot house, designed by FIGR Architecture & Design, features an asymmetrical roofline observed in the ceilings inside as well. FIGR swathed the interiors in chic neutral colors: white walls, light timber, and black and gray accents.

Wood-clad dining nook with glass table. Tom Blachford

The simple color palette makes way for some playfulness with materials. The dining nook is clad in the same shiplap timber found on the facade (you can spot the material on the kitchen island as well); an oval glass table glints with light streaming in from the window. The bathroom features terrazzo flooring, off-white tile walls, and more timber.

For all its attention to detail on the inside, the house is really designed around its relationship to the outdoors. Double doors in the living room open out onto the backyard, where an angled timber porch serves as a stylish extension of the house.

Electric stove in living room with built-in white seating. Tom Blachford
Black, white, and wood kitchen with large island. Tom Blachford
Living room with doors open to backyard. Tom Blachford