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A luxury shipping container home designed for fire-prone areas

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The Buhaus is sleek—and fire-resistant

Rendering of tiny home with metal panels in a desert setting. Buhaus

After the destructive Woolsey Fire in Southern California in November 2018, local architect Doug Burdge and builder Nate Garnero came together with the idea to repurpose shipping containers into fire-resistant temporary housing.

Garnero and Burdge, whom you might recognize from his modular prefab ADUs also designed to address post-fire housing needs, developed the Buhaus (a combination of “Malibu” and “Bauhaus”) as an elevated take on the shipping container home, emphasizing clean lines and functionality.

Murphy bed extended from wall Buhaus

The 160-square-foot residence is built from a series of repurposed containers that come clad in fire-resistant metal panels, which can be raised to shade an outdoor area. Exteriors can be customized to sport a sleek aluminum look, black finish, or a camouflage design.

Inside, the unit centers around a living and sleeping area with a Murphy bed tucked tidily into the wall. When the bed is hidden, a smaller table can extend from the wall and serve as a kitchen table. The floors and ceiling are clad in a warm oak and high-end finishes like a waterfall shower overlooking the patio make the Buhaus feel like a swanky hotel getaway.

The Buhaus starts at $96,000 and can be outfitted to go off-grid with alternative energy. The Buhaus will be available for preorder in February, and will start shipping out later this year.

Rendering of a small rectangular table folded out from the wall. Buhaus
Waterfall shower in bathroom that opens to the outside. Buhaus