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New home goods brand puts millennial-friendly spin on organization

Open Spaces is launching with 10 aesthetically minded storage products

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Storage containers on kitchen counters. Open Spaces

Pattern, launcher of made-for-millennials brands, is back with its second venture, and this time the company wants to help you tackle home organization.

The company’s first brand, Equal Parts, was all about making cooking easier with curated cookware sets, and, now, Open Spaces is a series of organizational tools designed for the aesthetically minded neat freak—or anyone eager to get their home in order.

Working with industrial design studio Branch, Pattern honed in on a minimalist look that’s meant to be displayed as much as it is hidden away.

“We centered our design aesthetic around how to make a space feel more open,” the brand says. “We chose soft curves over hard edges, warm materials like compressed felt and wood, and a neutral palette.”

Rounded bins in gray and pale wood lined up against wall. Open Spaces

The objects are all very pleasant, like a nicer, more curated (and more spendy) version of what you might spot at Ikea or the Container Store. Open Spaces is launching with 10 products including a pair of large wire baskets ($76), a set of two under bed storage bins ($98), timber drawer dividers ($20 each), a set of ten hangers that come with five felt covers ($36), and nesting trays ($40). The goods can also be purchased as sets—the “Whole Home” ($470), the “Restful Bedroom ($410), the “Clean Kitchen” ($255), and the “Refreshed Bathroom” ($155).

Like Equal Parts’s text-based “cooking coach” feature, Open Spaces is also launching with an instructional component: a 10-step guide to getting organized at home.

Bin of clothes halfway under bed Open Spaces
Organization bins in bathroom Open Spaces
Spices in organized drawer Open Spaces