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A clear and black flowering teapot is set against a red and pink Amazon print.

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The best home products to buy on Amazon, according to Curbed editors

Tried-and-tested items we use every day

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For many editors and staffers at Curbed, buying home goods on Amazon hits the spot when it comes to price point and convenience. But shopping the e-commerce giant can be its own level of hell: a neverending click-cycle of reviews, searches, and add-to-cart worry. Will that dining room table look good in person? Is that teapot really worth the money or better than the hundreds of other teapots listed? In an era of too much choice, it can be easier to just close the browser.

This is where we come in. To help you discover products that are actually worth picking up, the Curbed team has rounded up our favorite Amazon home goods purchases, each one used day-in and day-out in our homes. Some are uber practical and meant to solve daily stresses (we’re looking at you, laundry basket). Other picks are surprisingly high design, proof that you don’t always have to sacrifice style when shopping on Amazon. All are things we’d recommend to our best friends, and now we’re sharing them with you—our readers.

Behold, the 25 best Amazon home products you can buy now, according to Curbed editors.

Furniture and decor

It can be hard to know which furniture you can buy online when it’s much more satisfying to see pieces in real life. Still, Curbed staffers have a wide range of furnishings purchased on Amazon in their homes. From an affordable mattress to a design-forward side table, here are some of our favorites.

A three-cubby storage bench sits in a house on wood floors next to a lamp. There is a mirror above the bench.

ClosetMaid 3-Cube Storage Bench

  • $65

This well-reviewed bench comes in four colors and is beloved by editor Jenny Xie. She says, “I fantasize about having a spacious mudroom one day, but since I live in a small city apartment, this will have to do! It has enough ‘cubby charm’ for my entryway, while the bench seating is super helpful for unloading loading coats or packages.”


When it comes to cooking gadgets and tools, there’s a wide array available on Amazon. Some of our picks include the much-beloved Instant Pot—duh—and a handy set of food storage containers.

Drinking and dining

We often turn to Amazon for our daily glassware and caffeine needs. Products like the Half Moon Teapot work great and look like high-design items that cost twice as much elsewhere.

Organization and handy items

Amazon offers a plethora of items that can help organize your daily life, and we’ve tried plenty. From a trash can that can hold both trash and recycling to a simple but cute toothbrush holder, check out our prized picks below.


Amazon is one of a growing list of e-commerce plant purveyors, and here are our proven favorites.