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Renovated apartment looks fresh with plenty of arches and green

The best kind of old meets new

Apartment with arched recesses in the walls. Simone Bossi

Sometimes all you need is a singular pop of color to make a space shine, whether it’s a sunny yellow or, in the case of this renovated apartment in a historic neighborhood of Lyon, France, a jewel-toned green that highlights some of the space’s best features.

Rather than totally transforming the old apartment, the design team at Studio Razavi opted to play up its history by restoring the exposed oak-beam ceiling and stone fireplaces, while adding some minimalist modernity via curated furniture, colorful accents, and playful geometric details.

Airy apartment with exposed beam ceilings, white walls, arched doorways, and green kitchen cabinets. Simone Bossi

A deep blue-green hue is a theme throughout the home, showing up on kitchen cabinets, doors, walls, including arched recessed pockets, which are meant to soften the otherwise rectilinear layout.

“The main space is almost square in proportions, therefore choosing curves was also a great play on perception and overall balance,” the studio told Dezeen.

The overall effect is rich but subtle, aged but enlivened. The apartment has just enough style to catch the eye, but ultimately, the stellar bones shine through.

Green kitchen cabinets. Simone Bossi
Green arch painted onto wall. Simone Bossi
Arched shelving built into wall. Simone Bossi