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These A-frame cabins were built with help from kids

You’re never too young to appreciate architecture

Wooden A-frame buildings on grassy land. ARCH-EXIST

Architecture is typically an adult’s game, but a couple of A-frame structures erected in a new rural park prove otherwise. Built with help from a dozen families in Mogan River Valley in Huzhou, China, these tiny cabins embraces DIY architecture as a mode of education and recreation.

Designed by Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab, the modular buildings are built from open-source plans using a kit of cross-laminated timber panels and frames. In under six hours, kids and parents were able to erect two simple, tent-like structures slightly elevated aboveground by timber stumps.

People building A-frame building. Wiki World

These “flash” buildings mimic some of the more sophisticated A-frames built on the site, which sit on steel anchors and come fully fitted out with a large glass window, mini covered alcove, and reflective waterproof roof paneling.

The park, collectively known as Wiki Tribe, is a reminder that while not everyone fancies themselves a designer or architect, they can play a role in bringing the built world to life.

“Wiki Tribe is dedicated to [linking] people with natural architecture,” Wiki World writes in a project statement. “We believe that architecture is a science full of joy. We wish that one day machine will not be the only method to build, architecture will be back to the hands of human beings.”

Timber frame cabin covered with paper. Wiki World
Triangle shaped cabins with glass entrance. ARCH-EXIST
Cluster of A-frame buildings in field. ARCH-EXIST