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Moody apartment dresses up concrete with hints of color

A few colorful moments disrupt an otherwise monochromatic color scheme

Woman walking through apartment with concrete walls, gray furniture, and glass. Andrey Bezuglov

This apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, is all about subtlety—until it’s not. Local studio Pinchuk Virovtseva Architects designed the 785-square-foot home for a businesswoman who wanted a sleek but comfortable space.

The apartment is inside a building with a curved facade, which required the architects to get creative with the layout. A large concrete column sits in the middle of the apartment and acts as a partition to create rooms.

The slab of concrete also serves as inspiration for the apartment’s color palette, which centered around moody grays and neutrals—imitation concrete ceilings, dark timber floors, and soft, subdued wall colors.

Yellow rocking chair in living room with white cabinets, an interior glass wall, and gray furniture. Andrey Bezuglov

To liven up the space, the architects added little pops of color throughout. A bright yellow rocking chair draws the eye in an otherwise monochromatic living room; pink bar stools and copper pendant lights add warmth to the kitchen; the occasional glint of metal brings some shine to the serene space.

Kitchen with marble counter and pink bar stools. Andrey Bezuglov
Close up shot of pink bar stools, with a backdrop of concrete walls. Andrey Bezuglov
Bedroom separated from living room by opaque glass wall. Andrey Bezuglov
Gray velvet couch in living room, with a view of the kitchen in the rear. Andrey Bezuglov