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Vintage-style camper is a roving 85-square-foot home

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Happier Camper’s brand new 2020 Traveler features an integrated bathroom and kitchenette

A two-toned white and light green travel trailer sits in a field with its awning out.
The all-new 2020 Traveler by Happier Camper offers more space with a nod to vintage design.
All photos courtesy of Happier Camper

Happier Camper—maker of this uber cute, vintage-style travel trailer and these new camper conversion kits—just announced a new trailer that is meant to make your home away from home even more comfortable. The 2020 Traveler continues the company’s affinity for retro design in a new, larger package.

With two dedicated living spaces and an integrated bathroom and kitchenette, the fiberglass Traveler boasts modern conveniences like wraparound shelves, mood lighting, a water heater, and an optional air conditioning unit. While the bathroom and kitchenette are fixed into place, the seating areas can be reconfigured using Happier Camper’s innovative Adaptiv modular interior system.

As we discussed in our review of the company’s first model, the HC1, the Adaptive system uses lightweight cubes that nest into the honeycomb floor like Legos. This allows you to customize the Traveler as needed—adding or taking away beds, benches, or tables—and the cubes can be used as outdoor furniture, too.

Despite its longer length and more built-out features, the Traveler still measures in at a relatively lightweight 1,800 pounds dry. It can also be outfitted for off-the-grid living with solar packages, all-season insulation, hot water, and heater.

The larger size of the trailer means that it’s not quite as cute as the HC1 and it lacks that model’s large rear hatch, but the Traveler still features a two-toned design, wide entry door with adorable port window, and other spacious windows located on each side. For campers who like a built-in bathroom and a bit more space, the Traveler fits the bill.

A two-toned camper sits next to a river with its door open and its awning out. Cube-like seats and a cube table sit under the awning.
The 2020 Traveler features large windows, an awning, and lego-like boxes that can be used as seating inside or out.
A rear view of the two-tones trailer being pulled by a white mini van in a field.
While the Traveler doesn’t have the same rear hatch as its first model, the HC1, it does have extra large windows on each side.
The interior of the camper has a small sink and kitchenette, large windows, and a bathroom with shower in between the two sleeping spaces.
The interior of the camper features two dedicated living spaces and an integrated bathroom and kitchenette.
The interior of a travel trailer features a bed made up of beige cubes with a view into the kitchenette.
The cube system set up like a bed in the new 2020 Traveler.