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LG is getting into the indoor gardening game

Growing leafy greens never looked easier

Refrigerator with side panel for growing plants. LG Electronics USA

LG, maker of appliances that hold your leafy greens, now wants to be the maker of appliances that grow your leafy greens. At CES, the annual mega consumer tech show kicking off in Las Vegas tomorrow, the company is showing off a new indoor gardening system that will let people grow herbs, lettuce, and other greens year round.

Farming this is not. The indoor growing tool is attached to the side of a refrigerator where it can grow up to 24 pre-packaged seeds in a highly controlled environment. Each seed package comes with fertilizer and peat moss to encourage growth. The packages sit on trays that are fed a precise amount of water through a non-circulating irrigation system designed to prevent algae growth. LED lighting and a connected app ensure not a single leaf will wilt.

According to LG, the system can grow enough greens—stuff like arugula, romaine lettuce, basil, and other herbs—to feed a family of four. A price, release date, and name has yet to be announced, but while you wait for LG’s high-end garden gadgetry to come to market, you can revisit some more attainable urban gardening ideas on the market.

Close up shot of leafy greens growing in trays. LG Electronics USA