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Updated Airstream trailer unveils chic apartment-like interior

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The new 2020 Airstream Classics are decked out in white Shaker-style cabinets and brass hardware

The interior view of an Airstream silver bullet travel trailer. There are white cabinets with brass hardware, a kitchen, and a gray couch. Courtesy of Airstream

If there’s one complaint we see over and over again in Curbed’s coverage on RVs, it’s that RV design is—to put it bluntly—boring. Exterior graphics rely on the same swoopy half circles and curves, and many RVs still feature the beige, brown, and maroon interiors that dominated the 1990s. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

The latest design from Airstream, however, hopes to update this look. The company recently announced that the 2020 Airstream Classics will offer a new “Comfort White” color scheme that aims to lighten and brighten the travel trailer.

Instead of the dark woods commonly found in other units, the new Classic features Shaker-style cabinets that could skew either industrial chic or farmhouse depending on your taste. The cabinets are topped with dark Corian countertops that feature a star-like swirl, and the woven vinyl floors have a textured, grasscloth look. The bedroom continues the gray and white style with white linens, gray cord welting, and blackout shades. And throughout the trailer, you’ll find contemporary, German-imported brass hardware on the knobs and pulls.

The entire look is reminiscent of the dominant design trends of the 2010s. The white, black, and gray color scheme speaks to Scandinavian minimalism or the “modern farmhouse” look popularized on shows like Fixer Upper. Meanwhile, the brass hardware creates a luxe, metallic look that peaked in the early teens. Of course, we’ve seen other RV brands attempt to modernize their interiors with fresh colors—Winnebago’s Class A Horizon comes to mind—but we’d argue that Airstream’s latest attempt is more successful.

Design enthusiasts might be over grays and brass hardware, but its use here makes clear that Airstream has been paying attention to style trends. And while the new Comfort White interior choices for the Classic travel trailer may not revolutionize the design wheel, it’s lovely to see a trailer that feels more like a chic apartment than grandpa’s RV.

An interior view of the trailer has a gray couch on the right, and a kitchen with black countertops, white cabinets, and a sink on the left.
Brass hardware and Corian countertops point to the design trends of the 2010s.
A bathroom inside the travel trailer features white cabinets, black countertops, and brass hardware.
The bathroom features an updated sink, large window, and more white, black, and brass.