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Bright renovated apartment is all about yellow

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When you’re just that passionate about a color scheme

Living room with yellow walls, white furniture, and terrazzo details. Jonathan Leijonhufvud

How much yellow is too much yellow? According to this Beijing apartment, there’s no such thing.

MDDM Studio designed this 3,200-square-foot apartment for a young family, and much of it is swathed in a cheery sunshine yellow. Walls, furniture, and doors are painted in the hue, which the designers view almost as a neutral.

“The yellow was the solution to bringing a positive energy into the house and preserving a certain minimal touch with the white furniture and staircase,” they told Dezeen.

Living room with yellow walls, gray sofa, and a pink armchair. Jonathan Leijonhufvud

The designers opened up the space by tearing down an existing staircase and replacing walls with an open layout. Still, distinct living, dining, and kitchen spaces are created by built-in furniture and varying floor levels. A perforated white steel staircase leads to the three upstairs bedrooms, including the master suite, which features a more pared back color palette and built-in nook for the bed.

To break up the pervasive yellow a bit, the designers sprinkled bluish-peachy terrazzo throughout the house in places like the kitchen counter and backsplash, stair landings, and the bathroom.

Kitchen with terrazzo backsplash, green cabinets, and yellow walls. Jonathan Leijonhufvud
Bed in built-in nook with light timber walls. Jonathan Leijonhufvud
Bathroom with terrazzo floors and walls, yellow door, and blue glass. Jonathan Leijonhufvud