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A living room features a white couch with throw pillows, light teal walls, a coffee table, and breezy white curtains. Courtesy of Ikea

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The best Ikea products to buy, according to Curbed editors

Tried-and-tested furniture, decor, storage, and more

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No matter how many apartments or houses we move into, we just can’t seem to quit Ikea. Sure, it’d be great to splurge on that pricey designer couch or draw on an unlimited budget for a bedroom refresh, but for most of us, it’s not in the cards.

While Ikea’s prices are always enticing, finding true gems in its 12,000-product catalog and massive stores can be an arduous task. That’s why we’ve done the dirty work for you, surveying our savvy staffers for their favorite Ikea treasures.

The result is a wide array of Swedish-named items that range from high design (hello, airy rocking chair) to uber practical (we’ll take three packages of unscented candles, please). Behold, the tried-and-tested Curbed guide to the very best Ikea furniture and home decor.


Ask any Ikea veteran and you’ll get an earful on the merits of Ikea’s shelving and storage systems. Curbed editors use the products below to organize books, art supplies, office supplies, and more.


Ikea’s rampant use of particle board can make some of its furniture a gamble, but Curbed editors can vouch for the products below. From a simple stacking stool to a high-design rocking chair, here are the pieces worth snagging.

A black bed frame with white comforter sits in a bedroom.

Sagstua Bed Frame (Queen)

  • $149

With a curved headboard and brass-colored details that soften the steel, this bed is a favorite of Curbed Chicago editor Sara Freund. She loves the frame because it’s “the perfect substitute for other metal bed frames from CB2 and Anthropologie that were just waaaay too expensive.”


While it’s easy to think of Ikea when you need a new bookshelf or stool, don’t sleep on its tabletop collections. The plates and glasses below come in whimsical, fun colors and patterns—all without breaking the bank.

Organization, cleaning, and bath

Many of our favorite Ikea items can be used in various rooms. Kitchen carts can work wonders in a laundry room or office, while the right faucet or dish towel makes household chores feel seamless. And then there’s the iconic Ikea blue bag—if you don’t have one yet, it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon.


Now to the fun stuff: decor. We’ve picked out whimsical pillow cases and versatile tray tables, but don’t forget the practical, like Marjun blackout curtains for the ultimate sleeping cave.

Lighting and candles

You can spend a fortune on good lighting, but at Ikea you don’t have to. And there’s nowhere else we’d buy unscented candles—just look at the prices.


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