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New shipping container home offers a bit of Brutalist charm

All of the buzzwords

House clad in concrete and metal panels. Helioz Studio

A tale of two colliding trends, this shipping container home been given the Brutalist treatment by Mexican architecture studio Studioroca. Built from prefab modules, the Vivienda Minima de Descanso (VMD) or Minimum Rest Housing comes in three models: a 322-square-foot one-bedroom and a 645-square-foot two or three-bedroom model.

Close up of house with concrete and black metal exterior and a wooden deck. Helioz Studio

All the sleek designs feature containers reinforced with cement panels and clad in black metal siding and large wood-framed windows to let in lots of natural light. The pared-back rectangular volumes are customizable on the inside, with floor options like parquet wood or terrazzo, for example. A bathroom and compact kitchen are included, along with plenty of built-in storage and a small timber deck.

Like some other stylish ADUs on the market, the VMD is built to be eco-conscious thanks to a rainwater capture system and solar panels for electricity. The units start at $50,000, and they take about 100 days to build in the factory and a week to construct on site. Interested? They’ll start to ship later this year.

Small dining table in compact kitchen with white cabinetry. Helioz Studio
Gray sofa in a small living room with black floor lamp. Helioz Studio