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Dreamy indoor-outdoor home wraps around a lush courtyard

The house is a gorgeous patchwork of textures and materials

Courtyard with walkway cutting through green grass. Onnis Luque

It’s a battle between the courtyard and interiors for the most stunning space at this home in Colima, Mexico. Di Frenna Arquitectos designed the Keita House with a gorgeous mix of materials—brick, wood, glass, and concrete galore—that play out from the inside out.

Serving as the main circulation and vista across the residence, the courtyard is enclosed by the glassed walls of the low-slung house on two sides and a concrete wall and outdoor dining area on the third and fourth sides. It contains a reflecting pool, concrete patio, and green patch of lawn with a footpath, all working together to create a cool color-blocked appearance.

Tree growing out of concrete patio. Onnis Luque

The interior features more of the same aesthetic: exposed timber ceilings abut concrete walls; splashes of red brick and green plants warm up the space and give it a cozy feel.

Spread over some 3,000 square feet, the residence starts from an expansive open kitchen, dining, and living area, and makes a turn around the courtyard to a wing of bedrooms, including a master suite with its own outdoor patio. It’s a perfectly self-contained indoor-outdoor dream.

Photo of interior and exterior of house shot from view of window. Onnis Luque
Dining table in room with timber ceiling and concrete wall. Onnis Luque
Living room with concrete wall and timber ceiling. Onnis Luque
Exterior of brick house with concrete driveway. Onnis Luque