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Designer treehouses mix tropical and industrial style

We don’t hate the mashup

Thatched roof treehouses in a tropical forest. KIE

A treehouse is an architectural blank canvas. Over the years, we’ve spotted plenty of treetop designs that run the gamut of styles, but this one outside of Bali merges two unexpected trends that we’ll go ahead and call tropical-industrial.

The Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel features a handful of rooms that are perched high in the trees. Designer Alex Dornier conceived the thatched roof structures to sit atop spindly steel bases, creating an airy but sturdy place to take in the views.

All of the treehouses have a slightly different look—one base is painted green and features a double-level room; another is painted black with huge windows; and a third is a wood-clad structure that looks more traditional in form. But they each offer modern furniture, a bathroom, and an outdoor area, all accessed via spiral staircases that wind around the metal stilts.

Dornier says the designs are an experiment in building lighter, more sustainable architecture that has an air of impermanence. We say we hope the treehouse are as permanent and sturdy as possible. Intrigued? You can book a stay at Lift here, or come this way to check out more magical treehouses for rent.

Bed next to large windows. KIE
View of pool from treehouse. KIE
Modern furniture in hotel room lofted in the trees. KIE
Treehouse on metal stilts. KIE