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Bright Paris apartment maximizes space with built-ins

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Crisp white walls meet warm wood details

Bright living room with sunken living area and white walls. David Foessel courtesy JCPCDR Architecture

This Parisian apartment has the best of both worlds: old-world charm and on-trend design. JCPCDR Architecture renovated the 807-square-foot one-bedroom into a two-bedroom that feels bigger and brighter than before.

The apartment has two sets of windows—one in the front and one in the back—which meant that pre-renovation, the in-between space often felt dark and cramped. The designers decided to opened up the layout, creating a wide corridor that leads from the main living space to the two bedrooms, which are now separated by a partition.

Open plan living room with compact kitchen and dining area. David Foessel courtesy JCPCDR Architecture

The living room makes the most of its square footage with just the smallest changes in elevation. The couch and lounge areas sit lowest and closest to the windows, while the compact kitchen embedded in the wall on a riser. A built-in timber dining table bridges the two levels, effectively carving out its own little area. Glass panels above one corner of the living room also offers a peek at a small, stylish bathroom, giving the illusion of more space.

With walls and cabinets covered in a bright white throughout, the herringbone floors, exposed beams, and touches of timber in the built-in shelves bring gorgeous contrast and some warmth into the pristine space.

Hallway with white walls and wood floors. David Foessel courtesy JCPCDR Architecture
Bed against a blue wall. David Foessel courtesy JCPCDR Architecture
Small bathroom with subway tiled walls and a sink. David Foessel courtesy JCPCDR Architecture