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’70s time capsule comes with shocking green interior

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Imagine being this committed to a color scheme

Foyer with green spiral staircase and carpet. Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway

As far as monochromatic interiors go, this condo for sale in a 1970s development in Ramona, California, really pushes the limits. “MUST love green or bring your paint brush,” the listing correctly advises, as nearly every inch of the 1,800-square-foot abode is swathed in Kermit the Frog green.

“Everything is vintage—even the magazine on the coffee table is 30 years old,” agent Nancy Maranan told “It’s a true time capsule.”

A solid green carpet covers the entire home, including treads of the floating spiral staircase (which, yes, also sports a lime railing.) Meanwhile, green patterned wallpaper ranging from the geometric to the floral fill all vertical surfaces (sometimes matching the bedding!), interrupted only by walls of glass looking out to golf course surroundings.

Living room with a set of sofas surrounding a square coffee table and white-tiled fireplace. Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway

The kitchen, of course, also stays on theme with a green slab of an island, green cabinet trimming, and an avocado-hued wall clock. A few pops of beige or white in the sofas, curtains, tables, and dining cabinet—plus the blank ceilings—offer some much needed contrast.

Want to own a slice of peak ’70s style? This three-bedroom home just hit the market for $375,000.

Green countertops in kitchen. Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway
Living room with a green patterned walls, solid green carpet, and beige sofa and coffee table. Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway
A floral green pattern covers the walls and bedding of a bedroom, which also has a solid green carpet. Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway
A bedroom with a solid green carpet and blue-green patterned wallpaper with matching bedding. Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway
A room with solid green carpet and patterned green wallpaper. A solid green armchair sits next to a green and dark blue patterned sofa. Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway