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Sleek charred wood cabin puts a twist on the A-frame

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Angles all over

Charred timber A-frame cabin in the snow. Maxime Brouillet

Inspired by its riverside location in Quebec, Cabin A has some very subtle aquatic flair. Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architectes designed the vacation home with a dramatic, asymmetrical shape that playfully subverts what you expect from a traditional A-frame cabin.

One length of the cabin slants all the way to the ground, as if it’s “anchored so not as to drift,” the architects explain. The other side of the home hovers over an open space, supported by a concrete foundation that serves as a walkout basement. The house boasts an expansive deck that looks out over the forest, like an earthbound ship deck. The terrace is connected to the open-plan communal spaces, all of which sit under an asymmetrical cathedral ceiling clad in plywood.

Living room clad in plywood with angular windows and a charcoal sectional sofa. Maxime Brouillet

Like its charred timber exterior, the inside of the house follows a similarly stark color palette—only much lighter. The entire space is clad in plywood that contrasts with black accents like a wood burning stove, dark kitchen cabinetry, and a ladder that leads to a children’s play space tucked into the attic.

You can inquire into renting the cabin here.

Black wood burning stove in plywood clad living room with large windows. Maxime Brouillet
Black cabinets and plywood in kitchen under soaring angular ceilings. Maxime Brouillet
Entryway with anchor hooks and built in benches. Maxime Brouillet
Child in plywood clad playroom with a triangular window. Maxime Brouillet
A snow-covered cabin looking out to a river. Maxime Brouillet