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Historic cottage with intricate front porch asks $899K

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A mix of Gulf Coast and Victorian styles create an adorable Houston home

Photos by Shoot2Sell, courtesy of Patrick Banks

Some homes offer a clear historic pedigree—like this Sarasota midcentury modern—while others are a blend of styles and renovations added over the decades. Take this adorable three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home in Houston, Texas, which has its roots in vernacular and Victorian architecture.

The house was originally constructed in 1883 as a one-story, three-room Gulf Coast Cottage made from Louisiana cypress with a tin shingle roof. It was the home of a successful coffee merchant, Mr. Stephen A. Kuhn, who took advantage of the Texas and New Orleans railroad to expand his mercantile business from Louisiana to Houston. Using his skills as a carpenter, Mr. Kuhn’s son, Andrew, eventually remodeled the cottage—adding three more rooms and a myriad of upgrades that were in the Queen Anne Victorian style popular at the time.

The interiors were enhanced with wainscoting, faux-bois detailing, stenciled ceilings, and piped-in gas, but the most stunning upgrade was the new Steamboat Gothic front porch. Because of the porch, the house became known as the Steamboat House, a nickname that lasts to this day.

A recent multi-year restoration sought to return the 2,071-square-foot home to its former glory. The porch includes a fleur de lis motif to honor the Kuhn family’s New Orleans heritage, while the foyer boasts stained glass and original floors and wainscoting. The wood floors, fireplaces, and the updated kitchen all feature materials reclaimed from other historic properties, and the house is currently painted in its original 1893 colors; the owner had a chemical analysis of the paint conducted to determine the original layers.

Love what you see? 2214 Kane Street is on the market for $899,000.

A foyer has a stained glass and wood door, wainscoting in wood, and two doors that open to the living room.
The foyer features original wainscoting and hardwood floors with a reproduction of the original stained glass.
The dining room features restored wainscoting made from cypress logs reclaimed from the bottom of a Louisana swamp.
A kitchen has blue cabinetry in the lower cabinets and white in the upper cabinets. Pots hang over a wood kitchen island in the center.
The kitchen features cabinetry with wood from a River Oaks mansion and countertops made of Vermont marble.
A bedroom with teal walls and a white four poster bed.
The master bedroom features plenty of light, hard wood floors, and and doors that open to a balcony.
A backyard patio sits between the home and a red garage, with small seating and dining areas.
The backyard draws inspiration from New Orleans with a red bricked patio and plenty of plants.