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‘Parasite’ modern mansion recreated in the Sims

Basement cellar included

Digital rendering of a three story house with a front lawn and a walkway. Simkoong Architect

In Parasite, the 2020 Oscars Best Picture winner from director Bong Joon Ho, the ultra-modern home of the wealthy Park family is as much of a character as the family itself. Its creation has been well documented—the gorgeous residence isn’t a house, exactly; rather, it was an intricately constructed set designed from scratch to underscore the movie’s focus on South Korea’s class divide.

Now that house has been rebuilt—this time in the Sims 4. According to Fast Company, a player by the name of Simkoong Architect meticulously crafted a digital Sims version of the Park house, and it’s an impressively faithful recreation of the fictional location.

In the video above, Simkoong Architect walks viewers through the journey of recreating the house. You’ll see the designer building the home component by component, layering in details that bring it to life. The process showcases some of the home’s most notable architectural features, such as the sleek open kitchen and the big span of living room windows framing a cinematic view of the yard.

But it’s the smaller details—like the video doorbell and the shelves of jars that line the wall in the basement—that make you appreciate just how much thought went into the set—in real life and in this Sims recreation.