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Modern home cleverly slots into a void in the landscape

It’s surprisingly indoor-outdoor

Wood clad house with triangular window. Ivo Tavares Studio

Between bunker-esque residences and homes woven into the landscape, Portugal appears to be teeming with architecture that doubles as land art. Next up is Casa A, a sculptural house from Portuguese studio REM’A featuring dramatic angles and cutouts that will make you do a double take.

The two-story rectangular house slots into the void like a mismatched puzzle piece. The upper volume spans the cavity like a bridge, creating a series of angled openings that offer peeks into the indoor-outdoor lower level, including corner gardens lush with plants.

Outfitted in a simple palette of wood and concrete, the bright lower level features a spacious living and dining area that faces an equally expansive patio and pool. Meanwhile, the top level is decidedly opaque, drawing light from select cut outs, skylights, and a glass-fronted balcony set back behind one facade of the house.

House with light shining up from bottom level Ivo Tavares Studio
Swimming pool and terrace in front of modern home Ivo Tavares Studio
Living room open to concrete patio. Ivo Tavares Studio
Aerial shot of home Ivo Tavares Studio