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Home renovation puts dramatic sage green staircase center stage

An expert use of color

Dining area next to sage green staircase. Adrien Williams

Sometimes a pop of color really is all you need—especially if it’s a trending hue that’s also naturally soothing and refreshing. Case in point: This renovated Montreal home designed by Naturehumaine Architects, who’ve added a sage green staircase that’s now the indisputable center of attention in the residence.

The architects added three main elements to the house during the renovation: a stairway, front balcony, and cantilevered rear volume to hold an additional bedroom. All three are painted the same shade of pale green to pull things together.

Kitchen with green staircase cutting through. Adrien Williams

The sleek staircase is, by far, the most striking addition. The steel structure cuts through the center of the house, stretching all the way up to a skylight. The airy interior is otherwise calm—a monochromatic white scheme with glossy surfaces and painted wood beams—save for one more choice moment of color: a kids bathroom tub tiled in a cheery sunshine yellow.

Skylight at top of stairs. Adrien Williams
Woman walking down sage green stairs. Adrien Williams
Yellow tile around the tub in a white bathroom. Adrien Williams
Outside of house with sage green addition. Adrien Williams