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Funky desert retreat on 220 acres asks $2.7M

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A Disneyland of cacti and desert flora in Joshua Tree, California

A wood and stone house sits in a landscaped desert garden with cacti and paths. Photos by James Butchart

In a real estate world packed with gray lookalike homes, it can be hard to find something truly unique. But this one-bedroom, two-bath retreat in Joshua Tree, California, fits the bill. Set on 220 acres, Mojave Rock Ranch began life as a 1950s homestead before being transformed into a rustic getaway.

Created by professional landscapers, the modestly sized, 826-square-foot stone and timber home is all about the outdoors. Natural boulder outcroppings and cactus sit adjacent to a botanical garden with 360-degree views. The hand-built house features large stones, jewels set into the walls, and expansive windows that showcase the desert outside. There’s only one master bedroom, but the main house’s living room features another bed tucked into an alcove.

An outdoor living room with a covered patio provides respite from the heat, and the house also comes with a wine cellar, city water service, and a saltwater pool and pool house. Throw in other amenities like the helicopter pad, onsite museum, and sanctuary and you have a unique listing prepped for yoga or meditation retreats. Interested? 2015 Sunfair Road was previously listed in 2017 for $4,500,000, and is now the market for $2,675,000.

A hallway with rustic wood and glass looking out to the desert.
The entrance to the home features an airy, church-like foyer.
The hallway leading to the master bedroom has jewels and glass set into the walls.
Jewels and glass are set into the interior walls.
A stone living room with a large couch, coffee table, and a bed in a sleeping alcove to the left.
The indoor living room has a sleeping alcove, stone walls, and views out to the desert.
A sitting area in a master bedroom has two chairs that face a small fireplace and large windows.
The master bedroom features its own sitting area and access to a patio.
An outdoor living room has couches, a coffee table, and a fan.
The outdoor living room features a covered patio and plenty of space for seating.
A pool house and saltwater pool sit in a desert landscape.
The property has a pool house and saltwater pool.