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Minimalist prefab keeps the spotlight on nature

The sleek Birdbox retreat is available as a vacation rental and for purchase

A black box with a round window sits among trees. Livit

There’s nothing like experiencing nature from the comforts of a cozy cube. At least that’s the premise of Birdbox, a sleek prefab dwelling from Norwegian studio Livit.

The Birdbox really is a box, but it’s a beautifully designed one. The black prefab boxes come in Mini and Medi sizes, measuring 6 by 10 feet and 16.7 by 8 feet, respectively. The Mini features a bed and a hint of a seating area. The Medi has a bed, small desk, and slightly larger seating area. There’s also an option to add a separate but matching bathroom pod with black tint one-way glass.

A small black-walled room with wood floors and oblong window. Livit

In both models, the highlight is the windows: The Mini features an oversized circular porthole and two small oblong windows on the sides, while the Medi supplements the porthole with two larger, organically shaped windows.

A few Birdboxes are already installed as vacation rentals in Norway, so you can now book one with sweeping views of a majestic fjord in the Fauske region or of ski mountains in Langeland. Alternatively, you can inquire with Livit about buying your own minimalist nature retreat for another scenic corner of the world.

A tray with carafe sits on a bed with gray bedding. An oblong window has mountain views. Livit
Black boxed house with rounded windows sits in a wooded area. Livit
Round windows looking out onto mountains. Livit
Two black boxes in a snowy landscape. Livit