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Barn-like house offers farm charm without the mess

Wood and glass come together for a pristine look

Front of barn-shaped home on a green lawn. Andy Macpherson Studio

Appropriately named The Barn, this weekend getaway in Pullenvale, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, is a painstakingly considered balance of rustic and modern, a stable-like residence without any of the mess that comes along with farm living.

The house features soaring cathedral ceilings, wood-clad interior, and expansive barn door-esque openings that connect the home to the forested surroundings. The ground floor of the home is barn-like in spirit, if not in actual materiality.

Dining area next to open door looking out onto grassy lawn. Andy Macpherson Studio

Paul Uhlmann Architects framed the open-plan layout with pale Australian hardwood and exposed beams that rise from the concrete floor up to the ceiling. A big span of windows at one end shower light onto the kitchen, while a sliding door connects the dining area directly to the grassy lawn.

Upstairs, the bedrooms follow the same visual lead: wood paneling, curved arched ceilings, and neutral colors all around. A highlight is a large bunkroom with custom designed-bunk beds that look like a classy version of a sleep-away camp cabin. How’s that for a different spin on the modern farmhouse?

Kitchen next to wall of windows. Andy Macpherson Studio
Living room with arched ceilings and neutral colored furniture. Andy Macpherson Studio
Bedroom with bunk beds. Andy Macpherson Studio
Shot of home from outside looking in to dining room area. Andy Macpherson Studio