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These 3D-printed lights don’t look 3D-printed at all

And that’s a good thing

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Rounded white table light.
Gio Task Table Light ($298).
All photos courtesy Ammunition/Gantri

Sometimes, 3D-printed homeware can feel like it’s in service of the technique. The product’s fabrication is on full display, shouting: “I’ve been 3D-printed!” Gantri, the San Francisco-based 3D-printed lighting startup, takes the opposite approach with designer lights that show off a polished cool (remember the sleek and adorable Buddy Light from our holiday gift guide?)

Now, the company has partnered with Ammunition, the design firm loved by Silicon Valley, on three new lighting collections, and they’re a gorgeous reminder of how new manufacturing techniques can push design forward.

Each of the Ammunition-designed collections—Carve, Gio, and Signal—feature table, floor, and wall mounted-lights that have been produced from a corn-based material and manufactured in California. Each piece is printed on demand, which helps to keep the cost reasonable, and then hand-assembled and finished.

The lights in the Carve collection are meant to look like they’ve been carved from stone. The Gio designs have a slightly more sophisticated feel, with soft, rounded shapes that look like they could be made from cast clay. Signal is the most adventurous of the bunch, with slats that cut across the lights like louvers on a building.

The pieces start at $148, and come in five colors, including an Ammunition-exclusive “Sedona,” a deep brick red. Browse the full collection here.

Brick red floor lamp in corner of room.
Carve Floor Light ($448).
Red table lamp on desk.
Carve Table Light ($248).