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Pillows and a denim jacket hang in front of a red patterned wallpaper. Hygge & West

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How to shop like a maximalist

It’s all about embracing color, pattern, and eclecticism

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Maximalism is everywhere in design right now and it’s an easy style to love. It’s livable, accessible, and all about surrounding yourself with your favorite things.

“Being a maximalist is letting go of the minimalist ideal,” says designer and blogger Dabito. “There [are] no design rules. It’s having fun with a space and just putting things in a space that makes you happy and makes it feel cozier.”

One thing maximalism isn’t? Stuff for stuff’s sake. Consumerism is fueling the environmental crisis. Maximalism’s flexibility encourages second-hand shopping, showing off heirlooms that might be tucked away in storage, and making things yourself. But if you are in the market for a new piece, these picks can help you bring home that much more color, pattern, and visual interest.

Wall coverings

Consider covering your walls for maximal graphic impact with a single design move. Some companies, like Hygge & West, offer removable options which is great for non-committal decorators, or for renters.


One of the easiest—and sometimes most affordable—ways to introduce maximalism is through textiles.


Why limit yourself to the same midcentury derivative furniture everyone has? Consider these more exuberant and unexpected options.


Set the right mood and ambiance with chandeliers, table lamps, and even bulbs that make a statement.


It’s the little touches that make a room.


How to pick the best outdoor furniture at any budget


These 12 things will make a tiny home feel much bigger


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