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Midcentury artist studio turned house asks $865K

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The two-bedroom home’s funky shaped windows let in plenty of light

A gray house and white trim with lots of windows has trees behind it and a sidewalk in front. Paul Black for Sotheby’s International Realty

Love windows? Check out this light-filled two-bedroom, two-bath home in Monterey, California. The midcentury modern structure was first constructed as a 500-square-foot studio in 1950. Used as an artist’s retreat, the design featured a loft-style window that faced north to minimize shadows as the artist worked.

Two years later a separate bedroom was added—mimicking the studio’s dramatic roof lines and geometric windows—and in 1990 the owners kept building with a separate 550-square-foot guest house. Eventually both houses were connected by a spacious gallery (check out those clerestory windows) to make a 1,576-square-foot, two-bedroom home.

Recent renovations have made the living spaces feel seamless, decked out in exposed white beams and gray walls. The original artist studio is now the living room, and throughout the home the triangle and square-shaped windows take center stage. Located on Huckleberry Hill, 2300 Prescott Avenue is on the market now for $865,000.

A living room with gray walls and white exposed beams has a couch, coffee table, and TV.
The home’s current living room is made up of the property’s original 500-square-foot artist’s studio.
An open-concept kitchen and dining room has two red chairs and a small wood dining table.
Adjacent to the living room is an open-concept kitchen and a small dining room space.
A long hallway with gray walls and white trim and lots of windows.
The light-filled gallery connects the two guest houses.
A gray queen size bed sits in a master bedroom that has gray walls and white trim.
Clerestory windows in the master bedroom let in plenty of light.
A bedroom has a pink coverlet on the bed with triangle-shaped windows.
The second bedroom features striking triangle windows.
A gray deck next to a gray house has an outdoor couch and two chairs.
An outdoor deck has room to relax.