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Airy cantilevered house frames nature views

One for the stacked-house lovers

House built from three stacked boxes, surrounded by lawns and trees.  Skyground

From top to bottom, Thai architecture studio ASWA designed this house in the Maehongsorn region of Thailand to look like a sculpture sitting amidst natural beauty. Built from three concrete boxes stacked asymmetrically on top of each other, the cantilevered house looks like a pile of precariously perched building blocks.

The 1,450-square-foot home house takes advantage of the mountainous views with expansive glass walls, as well as terraces created from the offset volumes. The ground floor has a spacious, open layout for the living room and kitchen. A dramatic wood and steel floating staircase zig zags its way through the second and third floors, which contain a home office and master suite, respectively.

View of stairs creating an atrium inside house. Skyground

The staircase frames an atrium of sorts where you can peek all the way up to the top of the house from the ground floor. In addition to natural ventilation courtesy of all the windows, there are also solar panels on the rooftop, which powers the home’s electricity needs for generating hot water.

Open kitchen with white cabinets and glass walls opening up to outdoor dining area. Skyground
Airy house with central staircase and glass walls to a balcony. Skyground
Hammock on second story terrace Skyground