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Perfectly ‘imperfect’ apartment exudes quiet luxury

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A dark neutrals galore

Living room with dark couch running length. Harold De Puymorin

This apartment in Hong Kong is inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, which celebrates the beauty of imperfection. But if you ask us, it looks pretty dang perfect—especially for fans of rich neutrals.

NC Design & Architecture designed the space with “imperfect” materials like off-textured plaster on the walls and oxidized bronze.

“Flawed” or not, the home achieves its goal of being a serene retreat. “On a psychological level, the design should make the occupants feel relaxed, like a little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong,” studio founder Nelson Chow told Dezeen.

A low slung marble slab connects to a walkway. Harold De Puymorin
A plush dark gray couch against gray curtains. Harold De Puymorin

The neutral-toned walls are set against dark-hued furniture and textured details like dark marble columns, wooden backdrops, and the stray pieces of marble and oxidized bronze integrated into the wooden floors.

Details feature a mix of materials designed to feel natural yet luxe, like sculptural bronze-plated handles on a wall of concealed storage cabinets (they open up to a TV) or the low-lying marble slab that disguises the living room’s sound system and connects to an elevated wooden walkway.

Bedroom with timber backdrop and gray bedding. Harold De Puymorin
Bedroom with minimalist furniture. Harold De Puymorin