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Light-filled Lake Tahoe rental makes a cozy getaway

The most stylish use of polycarbonate you’ll find

Light filled room with polycarbonate wall. William Liow/Peripherie Design Studio

Airy, light, and full of unexpected angles, this vacation home in Lake Tahoe, California, is a visual treat that’s still quiet enough to respect its natural surroundings.

Designed by Peripherie Design Studio, the two-bedroom residence called Lighthus has 2,000 square feet of nearly continuous open floor plan intended to invite exploration.

Living room and dining room facing large window. William Liow/Peripherie Design Studio

The house is bookended by a bedroom and a loft (with its own tucked away bedroom); the rest of the house, containing the kitchen, dining area, and family room, is a little more free-flowing. Throughout the house, soaring timber ceilings come to a point, and stretches of windows bounce natural light against the pale wood floors and clean white walls.

On the outside, the home is clad in an unfinished Siberian Larch rain screen that’s meant to weather over time. True to its name, the home embraces light and transparency by cladding the ends of the layout in 40mm-thick polycarbonate panels, which let light in during the day and make the house glow at night.

Is this your idea of a dream lake retreat? Lighthus, complete with a hot tub and sauna, is available to book here.

Bedroom with bright white walls and square window. William Liow/Peripherie Design Studio
Light-filled stairway. William Liow/Peripherie Design Studio
Hallway with large window that looks onto other parts of house. William Liow/Peripherie Design Studio