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Ikea’s newest collection wants to spruce up your indoor garden

Most of the lush line is made from handwoven natural fibers

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Planters in from a green wall. Ikea

No backyard, no problem. Ikea’s newest collection is designed for indoor gardeners, or at the very least, people who appreciate a well-dressed plant. As part of its newest social entrepreneurship project, Ikea partnered with artisans in India, Thailand, Jordan, and Romania to craft a series of woven baskets and home goods for the Botanisk collection.

The limited edition line of indoor planting products highlights an array of baskets and hanging planters made from natural materials like jute and banana fiber. The collection seemingly also includes all the accessories that a person may (or may not) need to keep their plants alive. There’s, for example, an embroidered apron for carrying tools and a woven rug that we assume is there to catch any of dirt that falls while you’re gardening.

Botanisk, with prices ranging from $5 to $30, is rounded out with embroidered pillows and bags made from cotton, all of which can help you fill out your home with the au naturel look. Browse the full collection here.