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A dreamy writer’s studio rises in the woods

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Custom-built for daydreaming and crafting poetry

Glass-clad studio in woods. Durston Saylor

The ask was simple enough: Design a standalone writer’s studio that could house the client’s collection of 1,700 poetry books and provide him with a serene space for writing and thinking.

The result? This dreamy, rustic-yet-modern retreat in the woods of Greenwich, Connecticut. Designed by architect Eric J. Smith for a retired banker who moonlights as a poet, the 650-square-foot studio is clad in fieldstone, bluestone, and glass, and seems to grow straight out of the forest like a rock formation.

Bookshelves lined with books. Durston Saylor

The interior opens with a library, where blocky wooden shelves filled with books create a dramatic entrance to the idyllic writing setup: A large wooden desk framed by a 16-foot wide window facing the forest. “It’s virtually impossible not to feel a deep sense of peace sitting at the simple desk along a 16-foot window wall,” the architect said.

In case inspiration doesn’t strike, a staircase leads up to a second level rooftop terrace. There’s also a trundle bed that hides under the stairs, for those moments when the writing just isn’t going as planned.

Writer’s desk surrounded by windows and a stone wall. Durston Saylor
Writers desk in front of window. Durston Saylor