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Luxe London apartment is a feast for the eyes

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More fuzzy plaid, please

Apartment interior with colorful furniture like a teal dining table with rust colored chairs. Michael Sinclair

In London’s London’s Television Centre, which formerly served as the BBC headquarters, British design studio Waldo Works has outfitted a two-story penthouse with gorgeous, eclectic style that feels traditional and modern at once.

The studio spruced up the £7.6 million (approximately $9.3 million) apartment as a showroom of sorts for prospective buyers. They drew on the building’s 1960s heritage and merged it with the space’s intrinsic minimalism.

Black-walled kitchen with large island and sleek stools. Michael Sinclair

“One of the things we needed to do with this space was socialize it and make it feel lived-in, without taking away the minimal beauty of it,” the studio’s founder, Tom Bartlett, told Dezeen.

It’s hard to pin down the aesthetic—chic, fuzzy plaid pillows live alongside both sleek and velvety furniture; walls are washed in black, blues, whites, and peaches, while a dramatic spiraling staircase steals a scene. The design might not be all out maximalism, but it does show how to live large with color, texture, shape, and pattern.

Open living and dining room with a black fireplace module in the center and glass walls in the distance. Michael Sinclair
Home office with blue-green wall and sleek modern desk. Michael Sinclair
Close up of bed with plaid bedding Michael Sinclair
Living room with blue walls and plaid pillows. Michael Sinclair
A bed with blue covers next to a white shelf. Michael Sinclair
A yellow armchair in front of teal curtains. Michael Sinclair
A spiral black staircase and a red round table. Michael Sinclair