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Meditate on this minimalist home converted from a factory

The cylindrical residence is serious about simplicity

Sofa in cavernous living room. Wu Yongchang

In this serene home belonging to a woodwork enthusiast, it’s all about the subtle mixing of materials. ZMY Design renovated an abandoned cement factory in the port city of Xiamen, China, into a cavernous residence with large expanses of wood, concrete, and plaster.

The factory comprises two cylindrical structures, which make for a dramatic layout. One of the cylinders is home to a living room with walls coated in pale gray powder, dark oak wood floor, exposed timber beam ceilings, and a few pieces of furniture.

Living room with minimal furniture. Wu Yongchang

The space looks more like an ultra-curated design gallery than an actual home, but, according to the designers, the restraint was intended to be “austere yet profound, simple yet lasting” and “able to put the body and mind in a comfortable state.”

The living space opens onto a wide kitchen with polished concrete floors, a long white countertop, and equally spacious wooden table in the open dining area. Upstairs, the bedrooms are just as sparse, which the designers hope will create a private space for reflection and tranquility. Some proof—the master bedroom features a mattress on the floor and a single white reading lamp that’s attached to the timber wall.

Long wooden table in kitchen with polished concrete floors. Wu Yongchang
Mattress on floor in wood-lined bedroom. Wu Yongchang
Man standing on circular deck. Wu Yongchang