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Off-grid circular tiny home available for preorder

Casa Ojalá, a breakout concept last year, is now one step closer to reality

Tiny home with wood walls on top of mountain. IB Studio

Remember last year’s circular tiny home whose walls shift and disappear with the tug of a pulley or crank of a handle? It was the kind of tiny home design that’s hard to miss. At the time, Casa Ojalá was a proof of concept—its circular, almost carousel-like form was depicted in renderings alongside a group of wild horses or on the shore of a beach.

Now the concept is (almost) a reality. Or at least it has launched preorders with a waiting list on its website. As a refresher: Casa Ojalá is a 290-square-foot tiny home that’s bound by a circular layout. Inside the compact frame there are two bedrooms—a single and a double—a bathroom, living room area, and an accessible rooftop. Those spaces can be reconfigured with walls controlled by a mechanical system of ropes, pulleys, and cranks.

Rendering of round tiny home on grassy expanse. IB Studio

The modest operation is designed to operate off the grid—a rainwater collection system conserves water, a bio-ethanol stove warms the space, and the structure can be outfitted with solar panels to generate extra energy. Right now, Casa Ojalá is geared toward hotels looking to offer unique accommodations, but individual orders will be taken via application.

Round tiny home open to elements. IB Studio