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A sleek glass-and-concrete addition built into a hill

Hidden from view, unless you know where to look

Concrete and glass structure built into side of hill. Jose Hevia

Part hill, part house, this modern extension of an old stone home in Navarra, Spain, is literally one with the landscape. Spanish studio Jordi Hidalgo Tané designed the annex to extend the living space of the original house, but instead of matching the stone exterior, the addition swings in the complete opposite direction toward sleek and modern.

The architects deliberately hid the annex away to create the illusion that it’s barely there at all. ”A spacious annex living area with a kitchen [is] built inside the mountain, becoming part of it, as if the annex had been there before the old construction was built,” the studio told Dezeen.

Glass corridor leading to addition. Jose Hevia

The annex stretches into an angular layout that follows the contours of the hill and connects to the stone house by a glass-walled corridor. Inside, its bunker-chic style shines through with concrete walls and ceilings and warm wood floors and built-ins, while a skylight running brings an airiness to the subterranean space.

A long slit of glass wraps around the space, and looks out onto the original structure. Though the stone-clad house appears rustic, it too hides a modern interior that uses the same materials as the annex, providing another reminder that things aren’t always how they first appear.

Modern kitchen with wooden dining table and concrete walls. Jose Hevia
Bedroom clad in wood floors and concrete walls. Jose Hevia
Old stone house next to modern addition. Jose Hevia