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Modern brick home is a patterned beauty

Simple materials used to impressive effect

Brick house sitting on green lawn. JAG Studio

Sometimes a house can be as simple as a box made from bricks. This home in Quito, Ecuador, elevates that spirit to gorgeous effect.

Designed by Estudio 2850 for a family of three, the low-slung, rectilinear volume stretches across the site, encased in a playful pattern of bricks, steel, and glass.

The front door opens onto the living room with polished concrete floors and a subtly slanted wooden ceiling.

Front door opening to entryway with concrete floors and timber ceiling. JAG Studio

The intricate brickwork on the facade shows up inside too. Warm splashes of brick create a backdrop for the kitchen. In the living room and office, additional pockets of brick create an earthy contrast to white paint and black steel.

In its most inventive use, jutting bricks turn a hallway into an impromptu gallery, where knick knacks linger on the makeshift masonry platforms.

White dining table next to open plan kitchen. JAG Studio
Hallway with brick wall and wood floor. JAG Studio
Wooden desk attached to wall. JAG Studio