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Warm decor ideas to steal from a furniture maker’s home

From functional additions to homey accents

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This week’s edition of House Calls takes us to Sante Fe, New Mexico, where furniture maker Jonathan Boyd transformed his workshop garage into a home customized to his tastes.

After a series of thoughtful renovations, the 800-square-foot space is now an intimate, homey one-bedroom residence with a bright, expansive living area. For Boyd, the furniture was an opportunity for him to riff on designers he admires. “I’m inspired by the shapes and got a chance to make things for myself to live with,” he says of handmade items like the Jean Prouvé-inspired midcentury stools in the kitchen.

Taking inspiration from the warm home, we sourced the key products—or similar finds—from a few standout rooms so you can bring the look into your own space.


Living room