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All-black modern house conceals crisp, clean interior

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Moody on the outside, calm on the inside

House with black facade. The Modern House

Covered in a patterned timber and black brick facade, the Flint House in Kent, England, was named after a prominent feature of its coastal surroundings, namely beaches often flecked with flint stones.

The house sits on a cliffside and is built from a series of connected rectangular volumes. A sunshine yellow door opens onto the double-height atrium, where a dramatic plywood staircase leads to the upper level. The four-bedroom house unfolds into 2,673 square feet of crisp white walls, modern furniture, and colorful accents.

The pared-back aesthetic is enhanced by the polished concrete floors and plywood built-in furniture, including kitchen cabinetry, a large bench that wraps around the main dining room table, plus a Murphy bed and concealed work desk in one bedroom. It’s a decidedly clean and polished look that comes with an added benefit: It’ll be easy to sweep up any sand tracked in from the residents-only beach below.

The house is currently on the market for £1,250,000 (approximately $1.5 million).

Living room with polished concrete floors and modern furniture. The Modern House
Breakfast nook with built-in bench. The Modern House
Hallway overlooking plywood staircase. The Modern House
Murphy bed and office tucked into plywood wall. The Modern House
A bedroom with a large square window. The Modern House
Bathroom with pastel green sink and toilet. The Modern House
All-black modern house centered around a plant garden. The Modern House