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These Zoom backgrounds let you work from iconic pop culture homes

Virtual backdrops inspired by famous rooms of Friends, Big Little Lies, and more

Rendering of a bedroom with a rug and artwork on the walls.
Carrie’s bedroom in Sex and the City.

Working from home has ushered in a new form of intimacy for many coworkers. With teleconferencing, not only can you see each other’s faces up close, but you can also catch a glimpse into each other’s home lives—clothing piles and pets included.

We have plenty of opinions on what constitutes a good video chat background. Color, but not too much. Sufficient lighting, the natural variety preferred. If you can work in a plant even better. But you know what’s easier than artfully arranging a Zoom backdrop? Borrowing someone else’s.

A white sofa with a kitchen in the back. Modsy

Custom Zoom background mania has already brought us virtual backdrops embracing everything from patterned wallpaper to sleek Airstreams, and interior design platform Modsy is getting in on the fun with a series of rendered backgrounds inspired by famous pop culture abodes.

These reimagined rooms range from the coastal chic bedroom of Celeste on Big Little Lies to iconic sets in Friends and Frasier, recreated with a nod to today’s trends. Given how many Zoom calls people are fielding these days, you can probably try them all out if you really want to. Of course, there’s also the option of just showing off your natural habitat, during a time when everyone should get a free pass for a messy bedroom.

Rendering of a wooden platform bed on a patterned rug, with a blue and white wall hanging in the back.
Celeste’s bedroom in Big Little Lies.
Rendering of a living room with a pink couch and wooden coffee table.
Lorelai Gilmor’s living room from Gilmore Girls.
Rendering of a living room with gray sofa and rug.
Jerry Seinfeld’s living room in Seinfeld.
Rendering of kitchen from Golden Girls
Blanche’s kitchen in Golden Girls.
Rendering of a closet with gray patterned wallpaper and a huge mirror.
Cher’s closet in Clueless.
Rendering of an apartment with chairs surrounding a beige rug.
Frasier’s apartment in Frasier.