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A bright attic renovation full of curves and yellow

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View of a bright room from a sleeping area. Jochen Verghote

What was once a dark and dingy attic is now a bright and cheerful room thanks to Van Staeyen Interieur Architecten. A young family enlisted the Belgian studio to renovate the attic of their home near Antwerp into a multipurpose space for guests, renting out, or just hanging out.

The space has the structural hallmarks of an attic—a pitched roof, skylights—but now comes with a playful twist featuring curved cutouts, built-ins, and sunny accents throughout.

Sleeping area with plywood walls and yellow accent paint. Jochen Verghote

A bed sits in a pale wood sleeping nook, while a custom, three-part, circular couch anchors the living room. Arched recesses highlight shelving and a TV. A bathroom and storage area are hidden behind doors flanking the entrance area.

According to the studio, curved geometry is “enlarges and softens the space, and gives it a more welcoming feeling” while yellow “stands for optimism and energy.”

A round, reconfigurable sofa. Jochen Verghote
Curved built-in bookshelf in a white wall. Jochen Verghote
Bright room with round rug, furniture, and cutouts. Jochen Verghote